About babyweraing….

Welcome on dekka. I would like to share with you my personal story .

Babywearing is a natural way of taking care of children, which helps to make moms' lives easier. A baby wrap is an excellent tool and it has convinced me that it does its job without any negative side effects. I want to spread this message - forget your preconceptions which are based on ill-informed sources. I'm a medical doctor and I'm using my common sense and I want pass on my life experience - as a mother of two - to all mothers. Now I have my own brand of baby wraps called Dekka. I'm putting a part of myself, my baby wearing experience and a lot of technical knowledge into these wraps. When I'm designing a wrap I think about every detail. I believe that is the reason why they are loved both by children and their parents.

About how it started…..

I started to do babywearing with my second son. He needed contact very much. He refused to be in the pram. When I wrapped my baby boy he was calm and didn’t cry. It was a great relief for me. I could take care of my little almost 2-year-old daughter and do house work too. We played in the playground, hiked in the mountains. We did the shopping. Easily went by bus or train. I could breastfeed anywhere and anytime, it was very discreet in the wrap. We had no limitations and unlimited contact. Babywearing became my passion. I have become a member of the local babywearing community where I have met lots of great "gals". Babywearing was my whole world. I became interested in weaving, I borrowed books from the library. I wanted to know more about yarns and weaving technology. Then I wondered why a certain wrap which had a specific type of yarn and construction was great and another one, seemingly similar and with a beautiful design didn't work and behaved like a sheet. I picked apart lots of wrap scraps to find out. When I have found out just enough I mentioned my new-found passion to my friend, a fashion designer and pattern maker, and then it just snowballed. Thanks to my research I have discovered an ideal construction, in my humble opinion. I approached weaving mills in Poland and Czech Republic (the Czech Republic won). Then I shopped around for interesting yarns all over Europe and together with my friend and a fashion designer Marcel Blažejová we developed the designs. Marcela's brand is called Marbele – she has worked for brands like Envy, Horsefeathers, Klimatex, or Nordblanc. Marcela is one of the best designers when it comes to combining vintage and outdoor style, making it softer and more feminine.

Wrap's properties

Supportiveness: Dekka wraps are all toddler-worthy (+6kg) but an experienced wrapper can use them for new-borns, too. Depending on the design and composition the wraps measure between 68 and 72 cm in width and weigh 330gsm. The wraps are woven in Jacquard weave in the “Dekka triweave” construction, which gives the wraps their typical fluffiness and supportiveness.

Processing: All Dekka wraps are made in the Czech Republic. They are woven and sewn in a state of the art Czech weaving mill, which complies to the strictest European regulations and is a holder of the OekoTex certificate in the strictest product class for babies and children up to 3 years. All yarns used in production are also certified.

Affordability: However beautiful, a wrap is a tool we use every day and as such it has to be able to withstand the strain and therefore it needs to be of high quality. On the other hand I don’t want wraps to be inaccessible, luxury items. That’s why I’m looking for ways to lower unnecessary costs and make Dekka wraps affordable – there is no grandiose packaging, boxes, sacks and accessories that would be left lying at the bottom of the closet unused.

Easy maintenance: Wraps are used at home and outdoors and primarily with kids so it must be easy care. Dekka wraps composition and weave are selected with an easy maintenance in mind:
100% Cotton wraps and wraps with polyester fiber should be washed at 30°C at low spin speed using a liquid washing detergent without fabric brightening agents or fabric softeners. Dry on a drying rack harmonica-style and iron at the highest setting or lower. Do not bleach or dry clean. Do not tumble dry. Those are my recommendations for the wrap to stay good as new for a long time. From time to time you can put them to the dryer but keep in mind that they get narrower and shorter but after using them they get back to their original size again.
For composite wraps, especially woollen ones, always see instructions on the label or on the product website.

Uniqueness: Dekka wraps are exclusive items not by price but by the fact that they were designed by a fashion designer and are only made in very limited editions (counted in ones, not tens). They make the person wearing them truly unique.

Thank you for reading my story.

MUDr. Ivana Škapová